Our Story

For over 25 years the company Campo d’ Oro has been a producer of fine gourmet food products in the old world Sicilian tradition, where only quality and excellence are first and foremost. This family run business has remained true to their pledge of producing the highest quality foods in the Old World Sicilian Tradition while also employing the newest technology in food production with meticulous detail in the selection of raw ingredients and manufacturing processes.

Campo d’ Oro evolved when Paolo Licata decided to continue his long standing family legacy passed on by his father, a producer of a small line of locally sold foods in central Sicily and make his dream a reality. Initially starting with fish based products he soon transformed his production of a limited food selection and expanded to create a wide variety of authentic Sicilian foodstuff that integrated local agriculture and the fruit and vegetables of the land.

Our company is located in the heart of the Sicilian countryside in a region that is far away from highly populated regions and where the soil and climate of the Sicilian pastures farmed over generations come together in perfect harmony. It is in this fine, natural environment with love and hard work produce these fine gourmet foods.

In our production, we only use ingredients that have been rigorously selected, and therefore are of the highest quality that meets our standards. In order to preserve their freshness, raw ingredients are firstly selected, then carefully prepared, cooked and packaged. We only use small quantities which allows us to sustain artisan techniques and a production devoid of all chemical additives and colorings.

The company uses production equipment of the highest level of innovation to capture and maintain the high standards of quality control and sanitation. Our production team is both qualified and specialized in our production processes. Campo D’Oro’s aim is to bring together the innovation of modern food processing techniques with true Sicilian tradition when creating these luxury foods.

The production was initially limited to only a few products but with progressive yet sustainable growth, the company has been able to develop and expand their range considerably up to 150 different products from antipasti, tomato sauces, pate’ and condiments, seafood, marmalades and jams and sweet creams, honey and extra virgin olive oil.

Initial stage production was at first limited to only a few products but with progressive yet sustainable growth, the company has been able to develop and considerably expand their selection to over 150 different products from antipasti, tomato and pesto sauces, pate’ and condiments featuring fresh seafood, marmalades and jams, sweet creams and spreads, and extra virgin olive oil. In order to satisfy the needs of our most valued customers, the production range has been subdivided in to four different lines: Villa Reale, Villa Reale Supreme and Paolo Licata brand labels.