Our Story

Since 1992, the Villa Reale brand of the Campo D’Oro Company, by Paolo Licata, has offered traditional Sicilian recipes handed down over generations. Villa Reale foods have since delighted culinary enthusiasts in all of Europe. All ingredients we use are freshly sourced, from small Sicilian farms who take pride in the artisan craftsmanship of old world Sicilian customs in food recipes.

Villa Reale is renowned and recognized in Europe as the brand with the foremost quality standards. It begins with careful selection of farm fresh ingredients at the peak of maturation, followed by small batch processing that ensures the best flavor essence. It is then followed by filling in our glass jars with the distinctive paper topped lid that reflect the image of authentic foods from Sicily.

The company is located in the heart of Sicilian countryside in an ambient that is far away from anything impure and where the colours and perfumes of the Sicilian pastures come together in perfect harmony. It is in this fine, natural environment that with love and hard work these fine gourmet preserves.

No GMO raw food ingredients…, no artificial flavorings or chemical preservatives are used in any of our fine foods. The result is an “all natural” selection of unique Sicilian delicacies using fresh Strawberry, Fig and Oranges in our Jams and Preserves, Fresh Nuts, Fruits and Chocolate in our one of a kind Sweet Spreads, and appetizers that feature Pistachio nuts from the Bronte region of Sicily, along with Cherry Tomatoes, Eggplants and Artichokes from select small farms with centuries old consistent crop yields.

Now, our unique products and commitment to excellence are available to US food connoisseurs, in partnership with select grocery retailers who have recognized and committed to fulfilling the growing popularity of the European food culture.